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What was once a humble spirit from Mexico is now a world renowned treasure.

The Blue Weber agave plant produces very large, juicy and fibrous fruits, known as piñas. Dug out of the ground by Jimadores, they are oven baked to extract the beautiful agave nectar, which is then fermented, and finally twice distilled into a spirit, Tequila!

Blancos are young, lively, and spicy. The purest taste of Blue Weber agave. Clear in colour.

Reposados are rested in oak for 2-11 months to mature and soften the flavours. Golden in colour.

Añejos, or aged Tequilas, are rested in oak for 1-3 years, where the flavours and aromas get quite complex. Amber in colour.

❤ $6 SHOTS ❤
SAUZA GOLD Tequila w lemon & salt
TEQUILA ROSE Tequila w Strawberry & Cream
MANGO Tequila w lemon & salt

EL ESPOLON BLANCO Tequila + a chaser



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